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The Charity Network (HISZ) has started its work in 1987, when the members of the team travelled to  Transylvania, Brasov, to give a helping hand to our Hungarian friends that live over the border of Hungary. They packed their bags with food, clothes, christian literature, and bibles and travelled to the people of poverty. Out of this very enthusiastic work, the charity network has been established in 1994 with the aim to aid those people whose life have got to crisis through no fault of their own. The Budapest network has been grown to a countrywide network by today.

The network is facing more and more challenges from the very beginning within and without the country as well. In the past years more then 10.000 of aid packages have been delivered to the needy all around Hungary and Csango and Transylvania region and to the poor of Vajdasag.

We are trying to ease needy people’s and family’s needs via more than 30 offices all around Hungary. The network tries to help of high priority the big families, the single parents raising their children alone, physically disabled people and those who are willing to make efforts to get money from their work, but they are in a bad situation through no fault of their own.

Crisis-offices have been contacted more regularly than before by those people who have challenges in their existency. As the human ingenuity is very wide, we are properly checking all kinds of applications to be able to send the donations to the right places. In our offices our experts are providing:

  • consultation
  • assistance in official procedures
  • aid packages
  • and financial aid – within our opportunities.

Within the 12 relief types you can find medicine redemption, child feeding, utility fee compensation, and we don’t forget the funeral and school relief neither.

In our storages you can find cloth donations and other ones like:

  • furniture
  • fridges, washing machines
  • other kitchen machines

and any other kits which are necessary for the everyday life.

By today child feeding is a separate program. The biggest losers of the crisis are the children, so our most important task is to help them. We can guarantee to our sponsors that their donations will get to the needy children.

Home taking care service is a program, which provides hot meals, cleaning, washing dishes services to the physically disabled people.

Tent program of the network is extraordinary within Hungary. Within this program centrally collected clothes and basic foods (sugar, powder, rice, potato, onion, oil, pasta, fruits) are distributed in villages, small and bigger cities where the number of poor people is higher than the average.

We usually provide hot meals and medical services for people on our organized programs which includes blood pressure and blood sugar level measuring.

We have extended our Tent program for Hungarians living beyond the frontiers. In association with the charity center of Marosvasarhely Faith Church we have visited those people who live in deep poorness: at the last time we have visited Gyergyoszentmiklos, Szekelykeresztur, and we have stopped at those villages which have got quick aid packages from the Budapest Faith Church after the last big flood. Certainly we haven’t forgotten to help those as well who live at Karpatalja or in Vajdasag.

In parallel with our permanent programs we have temporary actions as well to help the needy. It is like our winter fuel program, where we hand over more tons of fuel to those needy who are not able to heat their homes when the temperature is lower than –10 – 15 degrees. In Hungary the number - of those who are frozen not on the streets, but in their homes - is increasing.

Although we don’t forget those who have lost their jobs and they have to leave on the streets. Nowadays it’s very easy to get to be homeless. It’s enough to lose the job, the mortgage is priceless and the apartment is sold up. A big number of families are outlaw, increasing the number of the – not very less – homeless. In the wintertime we provide free legal services for these people and on top of that we serve few thousands hot teas and sandwiches by our street social servants. At these times our „Goulash gun” mobile kitchen is operating where thousands of hot meals are served.

Our experience is that there are families – who are very diligent and clean - who still have their own apartments, but have to decide if they pay the bills or buy food. That’s why it happens that the kids go to bed hungry. For these people we have the Joseph program. From the shoulders of these families we take off the pressure for weeks with our food aid packages.

With the help of our sponsors we could start our Santa Clause aid package action where kids will get a „shoe box” pack full with toys and on top of that the families get basic foods. This is a big happiness for the kids and the parents are happy as well when they open the boxes.

The „shoe box” donations got on the way to the needy families, but a Budapest based children hospital got some of them as well. They were all happy together with the ones in Transylvania and Vajdasag.

The Charity Network would like to thank all kinds of support of their sponsors and would like to kindly ask their continuous donations for this Service to be able to help and to see happiness in the eyes of the needy people.

Thanks for all the faithful and sacrificed support of our sponsors!


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  • E-mail: hisz@hit.hu

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